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Lots Market

Lots Market

Location: Moscow, Stoleshnikov lane
Year: 2021
Area: 150 sq.m.
Photo: Polina Poludkina

The space at Stoleshnikov lane 7/2, was turned into the "Lots" headquarters by friends of the project — architects of the Masterskaya Be studio. "What we wanted to do, was create a really simple yet lovely space. It was important that the space looked minimalistic, that it not draw attention to itself. That each little interior detail would stand out, yet all of them would differ from each other", says Lilit Rashoyan.

And they succeeded. Wooden floors, arched ceilings, plywood panels on the walls, grey furniture, lighting — all these add up to a perfect background for Lots products and a self-contained simple interior that draws attention without any additional input. Preserving as many details of the room as possible, the designers managed to adapt it to the needs of a showroom. Thus, the fitting rooms and the rack "for the most special lots" appeared in the center of one of the halls.